About Us

Living with and loving a child with Down syndrome leads to the observation that there are lots of materials and stories that do not yet exist that would benefit those in similar situations. Hand Full of Stories is an attempt to share some of the materials and stories that have made things easier and more fun for us.

Erin Flynn McKenna

Owner and Founder of Hand Full of Stories

Erin is a Ph.D. mother of three. She works enthusiastically with her kids on language development in English and Spanish. Because her first born has Down syndrome and Autism she has expanded her understanding and appreciation for diverse learners, which inspired her to create materials for multi-modal learning and to share her stories through this company.

Reimare (Ray-MAR-ay)

Puppet master and inspiration for Hand Full of Stories

Reimare was diagnosed with Down syndrome when he was born. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, thus giving him a Dual Diagnosis, when he was 4. His life has been uniquely productive and valuable because he inspires so much creativity and joy de vivre just to keep up with him.

Pablo Reyes

Tech resource

Pablo is a research engineer and jack-of-all-trades who supports our technical needs at Hand Full of Stories. He also is Reimare's Papi (dad).