Peruvian woven finger puppets are the most versatile toy/tool imaginable.  The intricate details and the sheer variety of animals and characters are astounding.  Not only do the finger puppets present infinite opportunities to explore the creative and dramatic arts for children of all ages, but they are very attractive ways to learn math, reading and writing skills.  Plus, they can easily be propped up in lego creations or doll-houses.  Check out the many ways our puppet master has enjoyed and learned from his puppets  over the years in the photos below.  

Puppets can be bought individually with discounts for buying in bulk. We also sell curated story sets of both classic and modern tales, and we sell assorted collections that come with a story/song sheet to use with the puppets.

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Puppets as site of dramatizations

Puppets as audience of a musical performance

Puppets as characters for a doll house

Lego creations with puppets